Work study 2011/2012

This position has now been filled. Please contact me if you are interested in undergraduate research placements in the future.

I am hiring a work study student, starting on or around 1 December 2011, and working through June 2012.

Project Description

Computational biologists use a range of modelling platforms, depending on their needs. To facilitate interchange between those platforms, the community has decided on a standard language for model description, the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML). This project involves developing a converter between SBML and the input syntax for MCell, a stochastic spatial simulator. This will allow MCell users to share their models with the wider scientific community.


Applicants should have good computer programming skills or the ability and willingness to acquire them rapidly. An interest in biology and/or biochemistry is helpful, but not essential.

How to apply

Send me an e-mail with a short cv and a document detailing your skills and experience relevant to this project.